Cosmetic Surgery – A Review of Facial Surgery, With Personal Experiences

The face as a whole must be considered in order to achieve optimal plastic surgery results. Lifting the face can help rejuvenate the lower part of the face and give it a fresher and healthier look. The facelift works well for your jaw and neck.  You can get information on facial surgeries from experienced plastic surgeon in San Francisco via

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Improving facial muscle tone can make your face stand out for years. Muscles, adipose tissue, and inner face towels are lifted and repositioned so that the skin is applied to a more youthful contour. 

Most surgeons agree that the best time to have your first facial cosmetic surgery is when it's needed. Microdermabrasion and non-surgical facelifts are alternatives to surgery, along with natural facials with elements such as green tea that promote healthy skin. You are also advised to use face and body therapy after treatment to help relax and speed up your recovery.

Personal certificate for facial surgery

The following is a personal testimony actually written by my good friend specifically for this article and with her full permission. He wanted to share his experiences with others who could read them.

Several years ago I had plastic surgery – It was my first eye surgery. I have a lot of wrinkles around my eye before the surgery and I was not happy with my appearance. I contacted a cosmetic surgeon in San Francisco who was considering full face surgery.

After talking to him, he convinced me to have eye bag removal surgery. The operation I had was done under local anesthesia. After having the surgery I was amazed to see the results that were really good.