Different Types of Waste Management Jobs

The large industry of waste management requires a variety of skills. It involves the collection, transportation, processing, and disposal of industrial and household waste. We produce large amounts of waste every day. Many times, we don't know how to deal with it so that we can live in a clean and healthy environment. There are many ways to dispose of waste, depending on what it is. You can get the right services for flammable liquid disposal at https://benzoil.com.au/services/flammable-liquids/.

Recyclable materials can be reused after treatment. You can see that there are many things that go into disposing of unwanted materials. Many people who work in waste management have high-skilled engineers or technicians. This article will explore the many jobs available in this thriving industry.



Companies can sell waste management services to reach businesses that produce or need to dispose of it. This could be sold to local governments or private businesses.

Technicians/ Engineers

To keep the machinery and plants running, skilled technicians are needed. As many plants are open 24/7, this can be a shift job. You may need to have mechanical engineering skills or qualifications to respond to repairs and perform long-term maintenance.

Recycling Materials

This is a growing industry that requires specialized skills. To operate machinery to crush, screen, and shred recyclable waste, heavy plant and crushing engineers will be required. Engineers will be needed to maintain the equipment. As with all other jobs, there will be management positions needed to maintain the facilities.


This is a highly skilled position that can involve dealing with both gas combustion engines or gas bi-products. Engineering experience is a plus. Plant operators and managers are also available.