Disaster Recovery Services In Vaughan Can Help Companies Stay In Business

Disaster recovery plans from disaster recovery service providers help companies stay afloat after events such as earthquakes or pandemics. 

If your business is not protected against such occurrences, going for a professional disaster recovery service provider is a good place to start. To protect your important data, you can also hire experts for cloud backup services in Vaughan or disaster recovery services online.

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The Reality of Data Loss

Since the inception of organized commerce, companies have used critical information to make sales. In the past, this information was preserved as well as known or stored in physical archive systems. 

Currently, they are mainly stored on computer devices, which makes data storage easier, but maybe more susceptible to damage than physical files. For example, research shows that most hard drives fail when dropped from a height of three feet, and tape cartridges don't perform any better.

Consider the following statistic: After a big data loss, seventy percent of small businesses close their doors within one year. The same can happen in large organizations when a major event destroys existing data and there is no recovery plan.

The first step in choosing a disaster recovery service provider is realizing that there is more to a business recovery plan than storing data offsite. Many companies offer cloud storage, but few companies combine cloud-based storage with comprehensive recovery options. 

When an event destroys an organization's hardware, storing data offsite is only part of the solution. Companies also need hardware to recover and use data until a permanent solution is reached.