How My Polo Shirt Printing Be Done

Very often the printing of polo shirts is part of an ambitious business company promotion campaign. And it's not surprising, because the polo shirt is a piece of casual clothing that is very popular, comfortable, and multi-function, which can be used in any activity and at any stage of the advertising campaign.

There are several polo shirt printing methods that you can choose from, and your preferences will depend on the volume of your order and the material color scheme. You can buy custom polo shirts from

The most advanced and aesthetic method is printing DTG. It offers excellent quality and allows printing whatever you want, even if it is a sophisticated colorful image.

Equipment DTG print images directly to polo shirts, without pre-made transfer designs on paper, and it explains high-quality results achieved. Unlike some other printing methods, printing DTG is possible to be hired on light and dark and even in colored clothes. Of course, it's not too cheap, but this technique is recommended if you have a small amount to print.

Another popular polo shirt printing methods are screen printing. You can even call it a traditional way to produce a polo shirt printed because it is usually chosen by the company for high volume orders. Print images are taken into the color of the components.

This technique can be done either with or without paper transfer and press heat, without losing quality. And printing companies usually offer reasonable discounts if you order many promotional polo shirts.

One more effective polo shirt printing technique called Vinyl Cut Printing. Logo images, messages, tag lines, or your contacts are included in a special digital cutter that automatically forms a vinyl design.