Introduction to an Ideal Business Card

Real metal business cards are making huge gains in popularity in the recent past. Most are available in silver and gold tones with spot color inks printed on the outside. Metal cards are generally made from aluminum, steel, or copper.

Metal business card manufacturing companies offer custom options from the very basic (1 spot color printed on metal) to the extravagant (intricate, custom cuts, and engravings). If you are looking for a metal business card then, you may check this site out.

There are a very limited number of printing companies in the states that specialize in metallic cards. Additionally, many print brokers in the states will market metal business cards that could be produced overseas.

The main facts to consider when buying real metal cards include thickness (0.36mm can be a common weight), materials, price, and the opportunity to personalize your cards. I would recommend copper or stainless steel on the cheaper aluminum card.

Prices become more competitive each calendar year, especially when buying from abroad or directly from a reseller. Look for carbon fiber business cards with cutting edge design to make an impressive impression on the other person.

Punching is generally accomplished with photochemistry or perhaps laser engraving. Amazing effects can be created by reducing photo logos, frames, and silhouettes. Engraving can create stunning textures and shading that contrasts your shiny metallic look and feel to the rest of your minute card.