Key Responsibilities Of SharePoint Developers

Since 2007, we have completed 100 SharePoint development projects and (both on-premises and in the cloud). This includes large projects such as building an intranet from scratch and small projects such as developing workflows for approvals, intranet chatbots, and customizing web parts. 

Based on the experience developing SharePoint, the 'SharePoint production organization' like to share with you their vision of the core tasks of SharePoint experts.

SharePoint Web Appllication Development Services

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Custom Development:

The primary responsibility of a SharePoint developer is custom development. They create personalized experiences on a different level:

  • Solution.
  • Additives
  • Characteristic


Branding helps create a sense of community throughout the company and stimulates consumer adoption. And very often SharePoint specialists are asked to provide solutions that don't look like SharePoint. Developers move on to customizing SharePoint. They changed platform functionality such as logo, style, colors, homepage, and page layout to create a unique look and feel for the company's intranets and extranets.


SharePoint experts integrate the platform with other Microsoft products and third-party solutions and ensure that they work together without disrupting business processes. They are usually needed to connect the platform with enterprise systems, other collaboration solutions, email tools, social media, learning systems to combine administration, content management systems. 


Whenever a custom third-party solution or SharePoint needs to be migrated to a newer version of SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online, development work is always needed. In this case, SharePoint developers help maintain the original customization in the new solution.

Support And Maintenance:

In this case, the SharePoint expert's responsibilities include adding new functionality to meet changing business needs, addressing technical issues such as slow loading, installing updates to keep things running smoothly, good security, and improving usability.