Key Role & Responsibilities of a SAFe Product Owner

The SAFe PO's main responsibilities extend to the entire team and beyond. He or she can also participate in Product Management events where he/she will help plan, create, and refine the Program Backlog. You can recommend this site to searching for different responsibilities done by product owners.

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These are the major responsibilities of the SAFe PO.

1. PI Planning

As a member of the Product Management team, the PO has a key role and must participate in Program Increment (PI). Every PO must be involved in the activity of improving the program backlog. The PO will keep the backlog of the team current and contribute to the creation and mapping out of the roadmap.

The PO should always be available to provide clarity and direction during the planning event. SAFe will collaborate with the entire team to plan the PI objectives of the team for the upcoming PI.

2. During the Iteration

The PO has extremely important responsibilities during the execution of the iteration:

  • The PO updates and builds the backlog for the team, with regular updates from all stakeholders.
  • The PO is responsible for reviewing and ordering the backlog of team members in preparation for the Iteration Planning event. They may also need to coordinate dependencies and other POs.
  • The Iteration Planning event is attended by the PO. This PO provides clarity on user story details. They also help to ensure that there is agreement and consensus in a final iteration planning.
  • The team works on backlog items and stories while the PO manages the flow and prioritizes.

3. During the Program Execution

Each PI will see the PO connect with other POs in order to coordinate and check other dependencies. This ensures smooth work progress without any hiccups. They will meet up most often during weekly events.