Lawsuits Filed Over Possible Link Between Zantac Antacid And Cancer

Nearly a dozen lawsuits have been filed against Sanofi and other pharmaceutical companies that make drugs for ranitidine-containing acids, alleging that manufacturers have concealed or failed to disclose that the drugs contain possible carcinogens. 

Many lawsuits also claim that drug companies refuse to test their products because they know NDMA is found in concentrations that can have serious health consequences for those who take them. In addition, the Zantac litigation claims that the manufacturers of Zantac are reluctant to post negative information about Zantac because of the presence of a remedy for the acid that does not contain ranitidine. 

Your Guide To Understanding Zantac Recalls And Lawsuits

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As more and more information is published about acidic drugs and their possible contamination with NDMA, many users are demanding legal action against the carelessness of Sanofi and other pharmaceutical producers. If you or someone you love has taken Zantac or other ranitidine acid medications and you experience unexpected side effects or develop cancer as a result of their use, you may find it helpful to seek legal advice.

Attorneys have years of experience working with large companies and are responsible for their products. Our specialist lawyers understand the potential difficulties and complications that can arise in these cases and can help you fight for the compensation you may be entitled to due to the negligence of Sanofi and other pharmaceutical companies.

Attorneys who handle the case of Zantac want to speak to people who have developed cancer after taking ranitidine/Zantac. If you or a loved one is in a similar situation, take the time to discuss your legal options. Make an appointment today to find out more.