Signs You Need Crane Servicing Or Repairs In Sydney

Cranes are a common sight at building and construction sites across the country and they’re a vital piece of equipment for those in the industry. Cranes are used to lift, lower and transport heavy materials and goods, so it’s essential that they remain safe to operate at all times.

It is important to regularly inspect and inspect all construction equipment to ensure that it is safe for use by workers so that operations can continue effectively. There are many companies available that mobile crane rental services. 

If you see any of the following warning signs, contact a specialist company to have the crane serviced or repaired. 


Rust is the most obvious visual sign of corrosion and can also accelerate the corrosion process. Do not ignore signs of rust, even if they cover only a small area and do not appear to affect crane operation. Rust is often a sign of hidden corrosion problems such as electrical shorts, loss of strength, and weakened elevators.

Layer clothes

Crane pads or bases are designed to support the outrigger and allow your machine to move smoothly and steadily. Bearings withstand the weight and forces of the crane, so it is not surprising that bearings wear out faster than other components. If the faucet’s movement isn’t that smooth, or your pads look worn and shiny, they most likely need to be replaced.

Broken chain

Cranes are designed to lift very heavy and bulky loads, but these can easily crush chains during transport. The chain should be inspected regularly for signs of pinching or broken links as this can weaken the strength of the entire chain.