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There are many concepts and terms that need to know and deal with when the team is working with Business Intelligence issues. To completely understand all these concepts and relationships, it is necessary for grouping it with the entire BI functionality in the design and implementation of BI. You can get the best business intelligence solutions online at

Instead, the concept is established, each organization sets its own interpretation for each period, so this is the most used alternative interpretation for each term or concept. From the functional point of view, we have groups of components:

Transactional or Operational Systems – Systems Data Sources: The primary source of business intelligence data that will be analyzed by all the data captured, processed, and reported by all core transactional systems for companies or organizations.

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Process Data Transfer – Data Interface – ETL Process: All the necessary data to be processed from the source system data to a special repository or to indicate to the end-user. The data interface is called the ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) process.

Data Repository: Depending on the size and scope of this repository, the data warehouse can be named: when the stored data is about all organizations or parts of this organization; or it could be named Data mart when data is stored is on an isolated department or organizational unit.

The end-user Tools: To acquire, query, analyze and report valuable information, end-users have special tools that access the data warehouse and data mart (even transactional data), and this tool to access the data dictionary to document and inform the user what is accessed data and what it means.

Distribution of Information and Control: Regular reports, news, and other information to be delivered in a timely and safe manner for the chosen means such as email, mobile, web, and others to appropriate personnel.