Why Do You Need Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate attorneys handle "real property" transactions. Real property is somewhat interchangeable with real estate — land and permanent structures that are fixed in place.

For the purposes of most home buyers, purchasing real property doesn't involve going to court. Instead, a real estate lawyer may prepare or review all of the documents related to your home purchase, including the contract, any additional agreements made with the seller, documents from your lender, and title and transfer documents. If you use a real estate attorney, they may also attend the closing, either virtually or in person. If you also want to hire a real estate attorney, then you must visit https://dallegal.com/.

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Real estate attorneys sometimes handle additional parts of the home purchase like title searches and title insurance, to ensure there are no outstanding claims or liens against the property. They may also provide documentation of the transfer of funds to the seller and to your lender, or facilitate the transaction as a third party.

Your decision to hire a real estate attorney will likely depend on where in the U.S. you are trying to buy property. States vary in what they consider to be the "practice of law," so what's fine for a real estate agent or notary to take care of in one state might require an attorney in another.