Convert Your Leads from Slack with Two-Way Integration

The relationships we have with our customers are maintained through the conversations we have with them. Real-world conversations are dynamic, seamless interactions that adapt to the space in which we have them.

Usually, online calls are more restrictive and are made in certain locations. This can benefit customers – they can talk to you no matter where they are, and you can go to them instead of forcing them to go somewhere – but it can make it difficult for you as a company. You can click here to know more about the best slack and salesforce integrations.

Manage these conversations when “they come from many different channels. This, in turn, can lead to difficulty responding in real time and the loss of personal connection that comes from mimicking face-to-face conversations.

So it's no coincidence that Slack – which brings all your team communication and the tools you use to one place – is our most popular integration today, used by more than half of Intercom's customers. It serves one simple purpose: to provide you with information about Slack about relevant activities taking place at Intercom, such as: B. new leads or new conversations.

This is an essential tool for many of our users who do not have a dedicated live chat agent and who do not service intercom inboxes. With this integration, you can be sure that you won't miss a phone call from a prospect or customer, even if you don't have an open intercom or email.