How to get rid of Sweaty Hands : Quick Tips

The idea of shaking hands or holding hands feels like a nightmare for people who suffer from sweaty palms or Hyperhidrosis. Whether you're going to a job interview, playing sports that require a good grip or thinking about holding hands with a new love interest, breaking out in a sweat with cold, clammy hands is downright embarrassing.

Well qualified and experienced specialists are involved in the whole scenario to ensure better results and provide you a sweat-free life with the best excessive sweating treatment in Melbourne.

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If you're wondering how to get rid of sweaty hands, here are some tips you should try before opting for more invasive procedures like surgery and Iontophoresis treatments. 

1. Apply a Clinical Strength Hand Antiperspirant

The ZeroSweat Lotion is a great antiperspirant for hands and is the perfect, non-invasive solution for anyone who suffers from excessive clammy hands. It’s affordable and it works like a charm.

2. Drink Lots Of Water

You can avoid excess sweating by keeping yourself hydrated with lots of water throughout the day. Despite what you might think, drinking water does not cause excess sweating, dehydration does. 

Drinking water helps keep you cool while it reduces your core body temperature. Water can also help calm your nerves, so drinking it in stressful situations can keep your clamminess under control.

3. Inject Your Hands With Botox

Botox is actually the perfect sweaty hand cure, the same Botox used to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. A dermatologist typically administers the nerve agent by injecting it directly into your hands.