Ways To Improve Your Ceiling Air Conditioner Performance

With summer almost upon us, lots of folks are looking for their ducted ceiling air-con to provide them some relief from the anticipated heat. Let’s look at the ways we could all use to enhance our ceiling cassette ac systems performance:

1. Wash the filters and conduit vents

If your filters are sealed up, then you could be losing 7 to 010 percent of the efficacy meaning that they are costing you a lot more to operate especially in hot climates.

2. Closed Vents

Lots of People close some of the ventilators in ducted systems thinking this will conserve energy, but this uses more energy because the cool air dissipates in the warmer areas keeping the thermostat working longer.

3. Review the Ductwork

If your ductwork is dripping or the insulating material is missing you might be losing 20 to 40 percent of their energy sending your energy expenditure skyrocketing.

4. Leaky windows and openings around doors

Having the house properly insulated and all cracks and openings eliminated is among the best ways to lower your electricity expenses. Old leaky windows and not having proper insulation in the ceilings and walls mean all that atmosphere You've cooled down is only going to escape.

5. Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help circulate the air and cool you down thus can raise the thermostat setting and reduce cooling costs while still getting the right performance from the air conditioner.

Enhancing your air conditioner's execution is critical if you would like to keep your costs down. The best method to do it is to make sure the unit is cleaned, the filters are often washed along with the insulation on all ducting is intact. Your home also has to be properly insulated.