Commercial Processing – How to Accept Credit Cards Online

There is something that needs to be understood for merchant processing on the internet. Accepting credit and debit cards can dramatically increase your sales, but first you need to understand the basics. 

The following describes the three main elements of merchant processing … your payment gateway, your merchant account, and your shopping cart. You can now also shop for CBD with the help of CBD credit card processing.

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Your payment gateway processes all sensitive information related to credit card transactions. It behaves basically like the traditional credit card terminal at most brick and mortar stores. 

When a customer orders something from you, your gateway securely receives information and processes communications through your payment processor. This is then returned with a transaction status.

Most payment gateways can be configured to handle different processing styles of merchants. Some of the most common methods for accepting credit cards come from your website, over the phone, or even through a "drag terminal" at your retailer. 

Due to the confidentiality of the information that is processed by your payment gateway, you should choose one that is known and can be trusted. Your merchant account is a special type of bank account that you can use to accept credit and debit card transactions. It is also quite easier to look for the best card-processing with Axiom Payments.

One important thing to remember for your merchant account is that it does not have to be done through your business checking bank. In fact, most business owners prefer not to go through their own bank as you can get much better rates and tools through specialists dealing with online merchant processing.


A merchant account is one that will allow you to process credit cards using touchtone telephones without a credit card terminal or equipment. The touchtone system necessary to process credit card transactions is supplied by another company. 

There is a start-up cost and the rates are high because of the other company that's handling the touchtone system. Merchant accounts come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. Make sure your merchant account provider sets your business up with the correct number and type. Don't become a victim of higher processing fees.