How to Get and Use Client Testimonials

It has been proven over and over again. Using testimonials from happy clients builds credibility and trust. They definitely get results when used correctly in your marketing and advertising, because they make your marketing so much more persuasive – both online and offline. You can look for the best client testimonial videos online.

Revisiting Why Displaying Client Testimonials Are Important

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Here are little-known secrets about how to best use testimonials in your online and offline marketing.

1. Get the testimonial at the right moment – which is right after they have either seen their photographs for the first time or when they come in to pick up the finished photographs. These are the two times when emotions are the highest, and when they will be most willing to give you a raving testimonial.

2. If at all feasible, get the testimony on video or at the very least on audio. If you ask respectfully, most of your clients will be pleased to provide you with a beautiful testimonial, which includes audio and video testimonials. So make sure you have a simple video camera and one of those digital recorders on hand so you can obtain the testimonial.

3. Also transfer the testimonial into writing. If you got it on video or audio, simply transcribe it. This way you can use it in three different ways – video, audio, and print.

4. Always use their photograph with the testimonial, since you are a photographer! This accomplishes two things. First, it shows off your photography skills. Second, it strengthens the testimonial's credibility.

5. Make sure all your testimonials are real.