How Wheelchairs Can Be Life-Changing

Wheelchairs can be divided into two broad categories:

  1. Manual – Manual wheelchairs offer people with stability and balance issues the ability to remain mobile and are more affordable.

  2. Power – Electric wheelchairs require less manual power to maneuver but come at a higher price point.

The difference mostly lies in your upper body strength. If you wish to use a manual chair, you’ll need a fair amount of strength to get around.

One of the biggest reasons for opting for mobility equipment from the top disability equipment providers via is to retain or regain your independence. Whether or not you’re able to push the wheelchair around when you need to can hinge on other factors beyond your upper body strength. 

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A lightweight wheelchair is typically made of a material like titanium; the lighter weight makes the wheelchair more manageable when you’re pushing it or transporting it. This has direct benefits for both caregivers and patients, too.

Regardless of the wheelchair you choose, accessorizing it with those features that are most important to you can make your time using it more comfortable and enjoyable. Add a cup holder and a carry pouch to make it easy for you to shop and enjoy your social activities. Memory foam or gel seat cushion helps prevent muscle fatigue when you need to sit in your wheelchair for long periods of time.

Power wheelchairs contain a battery as well as an apparatus that allows you to control the speed and direction you are traveling. This is typically a joystick that provides additional maneuverability that cannot be matched by a manual wheelchair.