How to Pick an Herb Grinder to Buy

Selecting a herb grinder can be a confusing and tricky process if you are unfamiliar with the different variations of herb grinders.

The purpose of this article is to help with the decision process and we will do this by explaining the different types of materials, different styles of herbal grinders, and the best places to find a grinder. We will also talk about products that will supplement your spice grinder purchase such as pollen press and stash jars.

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We will starting our discussion with different types of materials that herb grinders can be made from. The main materials available are metal, wood, and acrylic. Metal spice grinders are usually made of aluminum and can be made from other materials as well.

Wooden and acrylic grinders tend to be less durable but also tend to be more reasonably priced that metal herbal grinders. If you are looking for long term use and durability then buying an aluminum herb grinder may suite you best, however, many people use acrylic and wooden as well.

The different styles of herbal grinders are the traditional two part grinders, four and five part kief catcher grinders, and electric grinders. All of these styles of herbs grinders come in a variety of sizes and are made from all different types of materials. The traditional spice grinder is the two part spice grinder which can grind your plant material into a finer consistency.