Deciding Which Consulting Firm is Right For You

Deciding which consulting firm offers the best work situation and growth opportunities may be difficult. Consultancies come in a variety of forms – there's the big four, the top consultancies, the boutiques, e-consultancies. You can also find the best business and technology services through the internet.

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When determining which consulting firm is right for you, you must make the following considerations:

Reputation – The reputation of a firm might have an impact on how well you are perceived if you decide to leave the firm for an industry job (or another consultancy). Make sure to check newspaper articles, press releases, and industry opinions of firms when applying.

Size – Size is important to consider for several reasons. First, choosing a small firm means you will likely know the people you work with. If the consultancy is small, but growing, there may be a good opportunity for advancement within the company.

The size of the firm affects the type of training you receive. A large firm like McKinsey operates on the apprenticeship model. Bain also offers matching with mentors.

Most consultancies offer health and dental insurance. Make sure the benefits that cover your lifestyle. Some consultancies offer moving bonuses, annual bonuses, or signing bonuses. Once benefits have been added to your salary, you may find that one firm pays more.