Bluetooth Locks – Electronic Door Locks

It has to happen; After all, we use Bluetooth to access and start our cars, play our music, use our computers, and much more. Now we can use Bluetooth to open our front door.

How they work First and foremost, you need to start with a good quality mechanical lock. This means that the door lock is made of strong material with properties that ward off attacks on the lock itself. You can also look for bluetooth locks via

Some Bluetooth keys have key substitutes. This means that you will be given a regular key to unlock in case of an electronic failure. The lock cylinder must have a high-security cylinder that offers key management and physical security.

Bluetooth Door Lock Features:

  • The key is having integrated Bluetooth electronics
  • Programmed by Android or iPhone
  • A Bluetooth keychain is included with the key
  • Pair with a cell phone and/or key chain
  • Mechanical lock change
  • Lock the battery door

After installing the management application on your phone, pair the keys. Once successful, you can program the door lock and spare key. Now, when you approach the front door and step 4 to 6 feet, the lock will open or activate and wait for you to touch it (depending on the manufacturer).

The keys usually have an LED light that provides visual feedback. The lock is opened and closed with a motor or magnet.

The manufacturer has a patented technology that can be used to determine whether you live at home or not. This is an important function. So if you are inside and someone rings the doorbell, the lock will not open as it will recognize that you are in the house.