Know More About Landscape Lighting Guide

Landscape lighting can be a beautiful addition to any home or property. However, before you make a purchase, it is important to understand the pros of each type of landscape lighting. 

Below are the different types of outdoor landscape lighting and their respective benefits:

Floodlighting: Floodlighting is typically used for larger areas such as patios and decks. floodlighting provides an even light across an entire area, making it ideal for creating a relaxing environment. However, floodlighting can also be quite bright, so it is not recommended for areas where privacy is important. 

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Spotlighting: Spotlighting is typically used for smaller areas such as walkways and garden beds. It provides a brighter light than floodlighting, which makes it better for highlighting specific objects or plants. 

One of the most common types of landscape lighting is traditional artificial lighting, such as streetlights and porch lights. These lights can be helpful in illuminating a large area, but they are not ideal for outlining plants or accenting features in a landscape. They also produce a flat, uniform light that may not be desirable for some scenes.

LED landscape lighting is becoming increasingly popular because it produces a more diverse range of colors and is more efficient than traditional artificial lighting. LED lights are also very durable, so they can be used in harsh environments. However, LED lights are more expensive than traditional lights, and some people find them to be too bright.