All About Mobile App Testing

With the introduction of smartphones as well as the development of mobile tech, people are using their devices increasingly to make calls and to access the internet. 

The statistics show that in the near future, the amount of mobile users using their phones to browse the internet will be higher than those who use a desktop or laptop for similar things. You can get more details about mobile application testing from various online sources.

Due to the growing popularity of smartphones as well as the increased competition between app developers for mobile has intensified as every developer tries to make their app popular by the intended clients. 

1. Choose the devices that are most popular If you are the app's developer, your initial and most important task is to identify which type of device is most popular with your customers , so you can develop an app that works with those devices and test it accordingly. 

2. There are Legacy Devices: Certain devices are a hit on the market and make a mark in the hearts of customers on their own. They may not be on the market or companies may have stopped updating their operating systems but they are still popular with customers. 

3. Think Globally: When you're planning to test your application, you'll be thinking about the global market. If the operations of your company are expanding, so will the customers, which will grow beyond the borders of your country. 

Most mobile users are using Android but the survey conducted worldwide indicates that half of app testing time is devoted to iOS apps every year because Apple is constantly updating its operating system along with apps, unlike Android which updates require longer to get to and be received by customers.