What is a Handicap Pool Lift?

A disabled swimming pool lift is a mechanical chair that has the task of lifting and lowering a disabled or injured person in the pool. These chairs usually have some form of restraint to prevent the person from voluntarily leaving the chair or simply falling over.

Permanent pool lifts: For certain pools, especially in therapy centres, permanent pool lifts can be installed at the edge of the concrete pool and are always available. However, the downside of installing this type of construction is that you can't move it and it can act as a permanent barrier in the pool. In addition, children who use the pool tend to think of it as a kind of play structure. In that case, it wouldn't be a great addition to an ever-busy communal pool. You can also visit paramobility.com.au/ to get disability pool lift online.

Portable pool lifts: This type of pool lift is usually on wheels and uses a hydraulic system to raise and lower chairs. It can be placed or stored anywhere around the pool when not in use. Therefore, portable swimming pool lifts are preferred over public swimming pools or even swimming pools which are currently being used for competitive sports.

 The most notable difference between a portable pool lift and a regular pool lift is of course the fact that the built-in model can carry more weight. This may seem trivial, but some patients are overweight through no fault of their own, which can put a lot of stress on portable pool lifts. However, there are many advantages to being able to place a portable pool lifter anywhere rather than tying it up in the same place.