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I've undergone a longstanding fascination with molecular engineering and longevity associated research. In fact, since age 11, I have always thought that passing is a dumb thing, and it always annoyed me that many people feel that old age is a typical part of life.

And there are various causes of aging-related to how proteins act in our own body, the way crap accumulates in our cells, other crap forms up between our cells, as well as the way our DNA repair test kit becomes broken through the metabolism of existence. It is possible to use a BCA protein assay kit to discover the count of cells in the body.

Then there is the issue of antibodies which are also called immunoglobulins which are gamma globulin proteins, present inside our blood or other fluids in the body of vertebrates such as humans.

Aging is a disease, and there is nothing natural or romantic about it. It brings to a great and torturous death by plenty of debilitating and critical medical issues and an enormous loss of a state of life in route.

The crap of the national government punishing genetic investigation is thankfully omitted, so the country might even begin to catch up a bit on the progress made by the rest of the world — although many fantastic minds from the federal research field have already migrated into another country.