Obtaining The Quality Of Products And Equipment By Hermetic Sealing Test

There are standard testing methods that are used to ensure the quality of products and equipment in all conditions. Hermetic seal testing is one such test that is carried out to improve the dependability of the equipment or product in question. It tests hermeticity, a lack of which may lead to failure of the equipment due to the presence of contaminants and moisture that would have entered due to an incomplete or improper seal. 

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Helium spray sniff examination is done on packages with open cavities and also the ones that have undergone IVA testing. This test is carried out to identify leak sites in packages.Vacuum is drawn to the leak detector from the internal cavity through either the leak site of IVA test or open cavity of the device. 

Helium spray has a tendency of making a helium patch in the vicinity of the leak site. As helium passes into the detector through the leak site, the location of the site can be detected. Kr85 testing can also be used to identify the leak site in packages. After Kr85 testing, the leak site can be identified by using an instrument to pass gamma rays through the device.

Another test that is used to identify leak sites is fluorescent dye impregnation. This testing is very helpful in not only knowing the regions of leaks but also in defining the physical properties of the openings. It is a method that enables improvement of processes used to seal packages.