Solar Power Charge Controllers

There are several components of a solar-powered home that not many people know about. Most people think that all you need to do is buy a solar panel and plug it into your home's electrical wiring. It is not so easy.

The load controller is an important part of the system. Without an adequate charging controller, an in-home test could be permanently damaged. You can also buy solar charge controller through the web.

Solar Charge Controllers

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These devices play different roles. Since the energy is generated by the solar panels, it flows to the charge controller. The charge controller continuously monitors the condition of the battery. 

It also regulates the charging process. If the battery is connected directly to the solar module without a controller, it can be recharged without any problems.

When we first bought our little house, it had several solar panels and a few deep-cycle batteries installed. Our house is in the mountains and was used as a hut by the previous owner. Without a charging controller, there is no way to stop charging when the battery is fully charged. 

The previous owner thought the solar panels were not working properly. Little did he know they worked so well that they would charge a house battery.

Whether you're buying solar panels to charge your remote cabin battery or installing a large set of panels in your main home, don't forget the charging controller. Your battery will thank you for it and last more charge cycles than without.