Why You Need to Switch to Using Stone Countertops in Austin

Most of the modern homes have adopted the use of stone counters as opposed to wooden ones. There are a number of reasons why the wood is no longer preferred though it might qualify as the cheaper option. If you are still sticking to the wooden counters, then here are some of the reasons why you need to do away with them and adopt stone countertops.

Aesthetic Appeal

Whether in the kitchen or at the workplace, stone counters like the granite countertops will always look very beautiful and attractive. Besides, they are available in different colors and designs which will blend well with most of the interior décor found in homes and offices.

You can also buy natural stone countertops In Austin, Tx.


It's also interesting to note that they can change the look and feel of places like the kitchen or even the bathrooms without the need of having to do a complete remodeling.


Durability is another feature to be admired about the stone counters. Materials like wood or even plastic are likely to wear out quickly and need replacement. They are also weak and cannot withstand a lot of weight.

Stone materials like granite on the other hand are strong enough to last for several years without needing any replacement. They will also maintain their aesthetic appeal throughout this period, unlike wood or plastic which are likely to lose their color and texture over time.

Marble counters are also resistant to heat and scratches. These make them ideal for the kitchen where they won't be affected even if hot pots are placed on top of them.

Their resistance to scratch turns them into alternative chopping boards in many kitchens. Resistance to scratch also gives no room for the growth of bacteria and this helps in improving the hygiene of the kitchens. Substances like wood are likely to sustain cracks and these can be very good breeding grounds for bacteria.