How To Weld Carbon Steel?

Carbon Steel (CS) is among the most beneficial metals we can find throughout the world. Numerous industries depend on carbon steel since it is extremely cheap and has excellent mechanical properties. 

The composition of CS is usually a mix of iron, carbon along with other trace elements. When measured in weight, it generally has between 0.05 percent and 2percent carbon.If you are working on projects that require carbon steel welding, then you've selected a great steel to be working with. 

But it is essential to determine the right grade of CS to select for the purpose you are trying to use it . It is important to hire efficient carbon steel welding services in Runnemede, NJ from TIP TIG USA for best welding results.

tig welding carbon steel

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When you are machining carbon steels, you can find certain grades that work very well, while others are a little difficult. For instance, the grades that have lower carbon content can be easy to machine, like C1010 or C1018. Even those with a slightly higher carbon content can be machinable with a reasonable level of precision.

Like machinability, there are various kinds of CS which can be welded. There are others that aren't good selections for welding. Grades with high machinability like C1041 and C1044 typically aren't great in welding. Because they contain sulfur , which can cause cracks in the weld's solidification.

 If you select an inferior grade, like C1010 and A36 you'll not have any issues with welding. If you choose more expensive grades, like C1045 ,you will probably require post-weld or preheat treatments which are effective for welding results.