Choosing the Right Bike

You may be surprised at how many types of bikes there are. It can be overwhelming to choose the right bike; one bike cannot do it all. You must first consider how you intend to use your bike.

Do you plan to use it mostly on the roads? Are you planning to use it off-road? There are many types of bikes or electric scooters such as e-bikes, mountain bikes, KTM scooters, etc available online.

Road Bike

Lightweight materials are used to make road bikes. High-end road bikes can weigh as low as 15 pounds. These bikes have narrow tires filled with air that is almost rock-solid. The tires are narrow and hard, which provide low rolling resistance but very little shock absorption.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes can be either full-suspension or hardtail. Hardtail mountain bikes only have a front suspension fork that absorbs bumps and allows your legs to do the heavy lifting. Full suspension mountain bikes have a front suspension fork and a rear suspension system.

They are wider than a road bike and thicker. They offer better grip, stability, and cushioning and are also great for climbing and descending mountain trails.

Hybrid Bike

The hybrid bike combines the best of both road and mountain bikes. They are nearly as narrow as road bikes but slightly thicker to absorb small bumps and provide a more comfortable ride. Because hybrid bikes are built to handle cross-country rides and light trails, they can be heavier than regular road bikes.