What is Vehicle Registration?

Your state's tax office will issue registrations, which are basically documentation that certifies that your vehicle is roadworthy and has been cataloged in their system. Each state has its own vehicle registration requirements.

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How to Get Antique License Plates for Your Classic Car

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You will need to complete these steps before you can legally drive your car by someone with a valid driver’s license.

Although each state has its own DMV (department for motor vehicles), most require vehicle owners to follow the following steps to get a new registration.

  • Pay a tax or other registration fee
  • Pass a vehicle inspection that may include an emissions test
  • purchase minimum (or higher) car insurance
  • A licensed driver must declare ownership of the vehicle. This is usually done with a title bill of sale.

A license plate is issued to registered vehicles. Other documentation such as stickers may also be issued, but these can vary from one state to the next.

Do I have to register my vehicle in order to own it?

  • Although car registration and title often go hand in hand, they are not the same thing. You don't have to register a vehicle to own it. It just means you have paid the required taxes and fees in your state and have accepted responsibility for its operation on public roads.
  • Even if the vehicle is technically owned and titled to someone else, such as a dealer or lienholder (such as an auto loan lender), a driver can still register it. Most states will require proof of ownership or a contract to be able to register your vehicle.