Visual ERP Product Overview

Visual ERP is a mobile-friendly, end-to-end ERP solution that provides little and midsize order-driven makers with tools to handle costing, monitoring, and material preparation.

Together with complete sequence lifecycle perspectives, VISUAL ERP provides get more information about merchandise status describes potential issues, and adjusts the schedule to meet deadlines.

Industries that VISUAL ERP has served involve aerospace and defense, automotive, equally overall order-driven and industrial production, high-tech and electronic equipment, machines and equipment, medical instruments, and specialty vehicles.

VISUAL ERP comprises over a dozen core purposes and related tools. These are:

Sales Control — This tool handles the sales order process from lead to closure to money. It provides a graphic perspective of this purchase lifecycle and drill-down capacities.

Engineering Change Control — Consumers may control changes to files, such as drawings, engineering experts, work requests, and much more, and produce an electronic communication system.

Project Management — Users may handle projects based on the work breakdown structure. Government demands (revenue recognition, borrow revival, and compliance with DCAA, FAR, and CAS) are encouraged.

Configuration Management — This rules-based attribute lets users assemble products, screen costs and upsell choices, and assess for settings that are incompatible.

Throughput Management — Consumers may evaluate a project's contribution to business profit via"what-if" schedule production from which manufacturing could be optimized and deliveries compact.

VISUAL ERP on-premise or via a hosted deployment. During execution, its service team meets with the client to identify goals and objectives. The execution team then reviews processes and generates new ones that align with these goals.