Open Source Web Development Platforms in London

Candidates willing to explore their career in the field of web developers or app developers should definitely possess good knowledge about various open-source platforms prevailing in the market.

Based on this fact, professors of a few of the reputable engineering colleges in India are revealing about a few of the innovative open-source web development tools for novices of the area. On broad classification, experts have highlighted about their projects in a sheer volume that surrounds web development and Javascript.

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During the year 2011, Twitter launched its front-end type framework for web development named as Bootstrap. This framework aims at speeding up the actual development process. Bootstrap mainly chooses for a mobile-first approach and compiles code towards pure CSS. Another noticing aspect is that the framework is independent of the operating system.


Brackets Adobe project, as revealed by professors of engineering colleges serve as a popular type of open-source medium on GitHub, despite it is one of the preview type releases. Brackets refer to code editors built mainly with the latest web technologies for developers, who mainly work in this sector. Similar to the previous one, this framework is also independent of the operating system.

Code Mirror

Code Mirror is a browser type of text editor. This mainly helps website developers to embed suitable code editors in their specific websites and thereby, becomes useful for individuals whenever they create sites offering programming tutorials. Other than various types of desktop browsers, professors of best engineering colleges in India have said that the Code Mirror performs its functions perfectly with large numbers of mobile browsers.