Technology Must Have For Truck Drivers To Work

Truck driving is evolving like all other fields. Some are driver favorites, others are not, and we are excited to see which ones they want to have with them in the cab of their trucks. We asked several truckers at the rest stop what their favorite 4 devices were. Here is a list of the top 4 truck kits for long haul truck driving jobs.

Technology Must Have For Truck Drivers To Work

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GPS – This is so popular that many car makers have added it to their company trucks. This is the most popular thing that you must have. It's much easier to use than a road map, and most drivers won't read the old ways anymore.

Cell Phones – Change the way trucks work forever. End stop for telephone charges to contact your operator for information. And truck drivers can connect more with family and friends. Younger drivers don't remember the days without cell phones.

Laptop Computer- Driver Says It's Almost A Need Nowadays. For many drivers, computers are information trucks. 64% of respondents believe that laptops are one of the top 5 technologies for trucks. We believe the proportion of taxis with laptops will continue to increase over time.

Satellite Radio – According to the driver, this device is a great rescue program for radio listeners at "radio dead spots" on freeways. Not only do you have a radio where there is no radio, but a driver now gets his favorite station wherever he is in the country.