The Magical Mushroom in Canada

While the mushroom has fascinated people for centuries, it may finally enter a new era where its healing powers and unknown properties will be discovered. Mushrooms may hold the key to some long-locked secrets and diseases.

Medicinal uses of consumable magic mushrooms have been around for thousands of years for a good reason: they are effective. It's time to do more research and explore the added benefits and powers of this subtle gift from nature.

Sponges can be used to dye wool and other natural fibers. Fungal chromophores are organic compounds and produce strong, bright colors, and all colors in the spectrum can be achieved with dye fungi.

In addition to the above facts, mushrooms help with immune function, are rich in vegetable protein, and also promote health and vitality.

Facts about magic mushroom:

– Only about 45% of the mushrooms produced are eaten fresh. The remaining 55% is processed with 5% in the form of dehydration and 50% in the form of canned mushrooms.

– The shelf life of mushrooms in fresh form is very short. Therefore, mushrooms are widely traded in a processed form on the world market.

– Some mushrooms produce cancer-fighting compounds! This was discovered when scientists in Japan discovered that the public had very low cancer rates.